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Welcome to the website of the Molecular Markers Lab. of Prof. Dr. Mohmed Sayed Khalil and colleagues at the Plant Pathology Research Institute (PPathRI), Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt. This site presents an overview of our research programs . The Molecular Markers Lab. (MML) started in 1995 the research on different aspects of the molecular biology of important Plant Pathogens in Egypt.

For further information on our lab or this website, please contact:

Superintendent of Biotechnology Lab.


          PCR-based Markers avaliable in MML

  1. AFLP
  2. FAFLP
  3. TE-AFLP
  4. cDNA AFLP
  5. RAPD
  6. TP-RAPD
  7. ITS-PCR
  8. Multiplex-PCR
  10. UP-PCR
  11. A-PCR
  12. DDRT-PCR
  13. Bio-PCR

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